Spring / Summer Extra offer

More catalogues = more profit

They say Kleeneze is a numbers game: the more catalogues you have out there, the more orders you’ll receive; the more prospects you approach, the more team members you’ll sponsor. Pretty simple really!

So how’s this for a pretty simple yet effective way of doubling your income – twice the amount of catalogues!

Whilst stocks last, we have this great offer on the Spring / Summer Extra catalogues!

Products in this catalogue will be live until 9.15pm Thursday 13 July 2017


(whilst stocks last)

200 x Spring / Summer Extra Catalogues (SAVE £15 / €18!!)

Price: £5 / €6 (SAVE £15 / €18!!)

UK code: 919527 or click here to order
ROI code: 919535 or click here to order

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