Destination criteria

It’s been a difficult time for us all and we’ve still some way to go. However, we’ve put our heads together to see if we can come up with some way to assist you and your business through these challenges, to get you moving on and focused, if you have lost some motivation.

One of these ways is to amend the criteria for Krakow! This amend means some of you have now automatically qualified for our latest Destination and we’ll be in touch with you soon. What it means for others, though, is a final chance to qualify for this incredible experience.

We have altered the Sales Plan succession part of the criteria, meaning that you now need to hit Gold for the first time and hold it for TWO PERIODS rather than three. That gives you until Period 8 to get into qualification and go on to join us in this fascinating city!

Amended Destination criteria for Krakow

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