It’s been the longest trial in history! When we launched drop ship back in 2015, it was initially to test the waters. The idea behind it came from the rise of Internet selling – to support this alternative avenue to market, by giving you an option to send directly to your customer through the ordering site.

Of course, to get the measure of anything, you need to keep on testing it over a period of time. We’re happy to say, though, that it has been a success and will be staying under the name Direct Despatch.

After looking at all the reports from this method of selling, we’re introducing a flat-rate fee of £3.95 / €4.95 per order. This will apply on your shops too and will be the same standard fee. This change comes into force from Monday 19 February 2018.

The rest remains the same:

  • You can direct despatch up to 10 items


  • These items can be anything from our product range, but do not include sales aids


  • Return collections are unavailable to book through direct despatch – you can either book these on a ‘normal’ order or through the Service Centre

Direct Despatch is a great additional way for you to get our fantastic products straight to your customer – we’ll process the order and get it out for you, whilst you are busy building your business!