When setting up a group on Facebook that is clearly about the Kleeneze business, please ensure such groups are only used for members of your team and their down lines.

You should only add people in your own TEAM or (with consent), your sponsors group. You should not add distributors from `cross-line´ teams (distributors who are in a completely separate leg of the business).

In addition, when creating such `Kleeneze´ orientated groups, only current registered Kleeneze distributors should be invited to join and not extended to any third party individual. Over the past few weeks there have been a number of reported cases of poaching, influencing and inducements which is causing unnecessary challenges within the network.

Social Media is a powerful force for our business, so please do your utmost to use it diligently, taking into consideration the sensitivities of our business. Your `Social Media´ etiquette is absolutely paramount and in no way should bring the Kleeneze brand into disrepute or offend other Kleeneze distributors. Let´s all work together to make it a powerful breeding ground for SUCCESS.



Social Media Etiquette

Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms are now part of everyday life in how we communicate, how we keep in contact with family and friends, colleagues, celebrities and so on, the list is endless. Social media also continues to play an increasing part in business, helping us all to drive sales and profits, as we have seen in the Kleeneze business over the past few months.

Unfortunately, there is a `dark side´ to all this good and one such concern is what is referred to as Cyber Bullying.  Often referred to as `online bullying´, it is when a person or group of people use the internet, email, online games or any other kind of digital technology to threaten, tease, upset or humiliate someone else.  It´s been reported that as high as 69% of children under the age of 18 will experience at some time, cyber bullying. Worryingly, the percentage of adults being victims is steadily increasing.

It is with regret to say that it has come to our attention recently that reported acts of cyber bullying have been happening within the Kleeneze network. Not only is this shocking to hear, it is totally unacceptable and will simply not be tolerated.

We understand that distributors are independent, self- employed and very much individuals but, such behaviour from anyone in the network cannot be condoned. It is the responsibility of us all to stamp out such negative behaviour.

We ask all distributors to refer to The Kleeneze Social Media Policy which can be found in the business manual, p9 – 10 on the DSA (view here) and to ensure that you follow our guidelines.  This policy does form part of the terms and conditions of your distributor agreement and should be adhered to at all times.

The strength of the Kleeneze business lies within its network of distributors