It’s a six-week push that will see your business grow, your income grow and the reward at the end of it – Las Vegas! Even if you have just joined (or even people who have yet to join), you can qualify for this incredible reward.

Study the criteria, make a plan, and start your six weeks of full-on growth activity – this is a gamble you can’t afford not to take!

One Distributorship from each of these groups will qualify to join us in Vegas for a trip of a lifetime!!

Below Gold
(this potentially includes people who haven’t even joined Kleeneze yet!)
Gold & Senior

  • The main criteria is based on OVERALL GROWTH, you must demonstrate the highest increase in Bulk Sales within your group compared to Period 1, 2018
  • Initiate and Activate THREE new people with a minimum of 250BP
  • PERSONALLY retail a minimum of 500BP
  • Achieve a minimum of 18% PSG in Period 2 or 3

The criteria is open to EVERYONE at every sales plan level and runs from 24th January to 8th March. Winners will be announced week commencing 12th March 2018

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Terms and conditions

A Distributorship can ONLY qualify for this destination ONCE, multiple qualifications do not automatically qualify a Distributorship for the next Destination the following year. This rule also applies to trophy winners.
In order to qualify, a new partner on a Kleeneze distributorship must join the business before the distributorship begins qualification.
The programme commences at the point of departure. Domestic flights are not included (except from Ireland, Scotland, the Channel Islands and Spain). Travel insurance, pre-trip accommodation and car parking must be arranged by the Distributorship.
There is no cash alternative available.
Attendance is by invitation only and will be subject to the usual company verifications and account compliancy.