Paying in at the Post Office is different to paying to paying your Kleeneze money in at a bank. This is because the Post Office cannot use our Kleeneze Bank Giro Credit slips to get your money to us, even if you have paid cash over the counter! If you do use our slip then you will have to go back to the Post Office to claim your money back.

When paying in at the Post Office please use the Post Office’s own Deposit Slips and use a separate Deposit Slip for each separate cash or cheque deposit.

Quote only your 6 or 8 digit account number as the reference, making your payment to the Kleeneze Bank account 50213776 Sort Code 01-10-01.

Deposits will take between 2 to 4 days to reach us, so please allow the full 5 working days before we receive your payment.

Always keep your deposit slip safe as proof of your payment. You can find more information here.