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Welcome Rewards

Welcome Rewards helps you earn FREE catalogues or dropship credits from day 1 and continues to support you in those important initial months.

Part 1 – The First 30 Days (from registration)
A) When you hit 125BP in your first 30 days (now based on cumulative orders!), you will be able to select ONE of the FREE rewards.

B) When you hit 500BP in your first 30 days (now based on cumulative orders!), you can choose TWO more FREE rewards.

Part 2 – The First 60 Days (from registration)
Once you complete 1,000BP cumulative orders within your first 60 days, you can choose a further TWO FREE rewards!

That’s FIVE rewards in 60 days, whilst you’re making money.


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Catalogues will be dispatched with your qualifying orders.

5 x carriage on dropship orders below £50 / €60.


Welcome Rewards Criteria UK / ROI
Welcome Rewards Certificates



Kleeneze Star Card & Badge

Everyone who completes ALL of the Welcome Rewards incentive (Part 1 A&B and Part 2) will receive a special pin badge and card. They will also be recognised on stage at the next Showcase!

The pin badge and card will be sent following the end of the period that you qualified in.